Staying Healthy During Covid 19 


This is an incredibly challenging time.

Here are some tips to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, this holiday season.

GET OUTSIDE EVERY DAY - go for a walk, hike in the woods - don't let the cold or rain or snow stop you !  Bundle up, wear spikes, grab your poles or head lamp and head out !

Call someone you care about to say hello.

Take 5 minutes to STRETCH OR DO YOGA -see link below.

Practice MINDFULNESS every day - see link below to learn how.

Do something nice for someone each day - call  a friend, send a card, write an email, share a photo.

Try doing something creative - like draw, paint, knit, design, build, 

Listen to MUSIC - music has been shown to lift the mood and energize

READ A BOOK !  treat yourself to a new novel !  support local book shops and call to order ! Let yourself be carried away by a good book !

GET ENOUGH SLEEP !  shoot for 8 hours if possible !

Consider a LIGHT BOX - the extra light can help fight off depression during the longest days -use for just 15-20 minutes every am !

Make healthy food choices - limit carbohydrates, get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins and whole grains - DRINK LOTS OF WATER- limit alcohol as it can act as a depressant.

PET AN ANIMAL !  give your kitty or dog a hug- studies show that patting an animal lowers blood pressure and reduces stress hormones !

WORK WITH A COUNSELOR -talking to a counselor can help enormously with stress and depression and anxiety-