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Staying Healthy

During Covid 19 AND BEYOND ...


This is an incredibly challenging time.

Here are some tips to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, this holiday season.

GET OUTSIDE EVERY DAY - go for a walk, hike in the woods - don't let the cold or rain or snow stop you !  Bundle up, wear spikes, grab your poles or head lamp and head out !

Call someone you care about to say hello.

Take 5 minutes to STRETCH OR DO YOGA -see link below.

Practice MINDFULNESS every day - see link below to learn how.

Do something nice for someone each day - call  a friend, send a card, write an email, share a photo.

Try doing something creative - like draw, paint, knit, design, build, 

Listen to MUSIC - music has been shown to lift the mood and energize

READ A BOOK !  treat yourself to a new novel !  support local book shops and call to order ! Let yourself be carried away by a good book !

GET ENOUGH SLEEP !  shoot for 8 hours if possible !

Consider a LIGHT BOX - the extra light can help fight off depression during the longest days -use for just 15-20 minutes every am !

Make healthy food choices - limit carbohydrates, get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins and whole grains - DRINK LOTS OF WATER- limit alcohol as it can act as a depressant.

PET AN ANIMAL !  give your kitty or dog a hug- studies show that patting an animal lowers blood pressure and reduces stress hormones !

WORK WITH A COUNSELOR -talking to a counselor can help enormously with stress and depression and anxiety-

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