We hope this finds you home, safe and well!


We are writing to send an update on our clinic status during this ongoing Covid 19 epidemic.


As you know, we have been doing 100% TELEMEDICINE OR PHONE VISITS in order to keep people home and minimize risk of exposure to Covid 19.  


As Governor Scott relaxes the state restrictions, we are developing a “reopening” protocol to allow us to be in the office and see selective patients and do blood work as needed.

We will continue to try to do the majority of visit via TELEMEDICINE but will be able to see

people if needed face to face for an exam.


Please let us know if you are overdue for the following and will work to schedule you in a safe and efficient manner :

  •  a routine visit of a chronic problem, please call Alysha to schedule a Telehealth visit

  •  Your  health and wellness, we are starting to reschedule these  appointments  

  • for blood/lab work


We are not seeing any people with respiratory symptoms in the office - we are offering telemedicine visits and referring to Porter for Covid testing as needed. 


Here are some key points with regard to our safe reopening protocol. We will: 

  •  space out visits so that ideally only one patient is in the office at a time.

  •  screen everyone for Covid symptoms prior to their appointment. Anyone with respiratory symptoms (cough, congestion, shortness of breath, fever - will NOT be seen in the office -but will be seen by TELEHEALTH.)

  • check temperatures on everyone.

  • Require masks for all who enter. We have hand sanitizer in each room. We as providers are also wearing masks and washing our hands before and after seeing each patient.

  •  have a strict disinfecting plan for cleaning rooms in between patients.

  •  will not use the waiting room and bathroom use will be available for emergencies only 

  • will have patients enter via two different doors, to avoid contact with others and keep 6 ft apart 


Due to the very small nature of our practice, we do not have N95 masks or isolation rooms for high risk Covid patients and thus are not seeing them in the office.


As you may know , Covid testing has become more accessible and is even now available for asymptomatic people in the community if desired.  See info below from the state regarding the latest Covid information and popup testing sites.








Vermonters have been doing a great job and staying home and decreasing the spread of the virus.  Let’s keep it up. Practice caution and please wear a mask. 


Please use the Portal to message us with any questions and you can always call as well.

You can also follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/greenmountainprimarycare/


We realize many people have been under stress due to the pandemic, so please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss medical or psychological concerns. We are here for you!

We look forward to working with you as we all adjust to a new normal with Covid 19 in our lives. 

We are in this together.


Stay well, stay safe - 


From your team at GMPC,


Ania, Laura & Alysha


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