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CLOSED for new signup

CLOSED for new signup

Helpful Tips

  • You must choose one of the options above in order to become a patient of Green Mountain Primary Care

  • When signing the HIPPA/Patient agreements, scroll all the way down using your scroll bar to the right on the webpage (not the document page) and it will allow you to sign your name and complete registration

  • Couples get 10% discount on primary care monthly fee!

  • To sign up a child or children with adult, choose the Health & Wellness or Health & Wellness PLUS and you will have the option to add children at no extra cost!

  • Children under 18 yo and younger are FREE!  

  • Patients 90 years and older at time of sign up are FREE!

 Note: Just want to let you know there is a .50 cent banking transaction fee per $50 that you will see on sign up.

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